Thanksgiving, Ellicott City - November, 2006

Our gracious hosts, Hope and Ramin Rezvani.  Hope is an amazing cook and they always host a phenomenal Thanksgiving dinner. 

Deborah and Ramin lead the way down the buffet line.

Hadrian and Helene Hatfield and Adam and Zanell Lewis were also in attendance.  So great to see everyone again!

The usual suspects: Adam, Joe, Lewis and Ramin.

Of course Hadrian is never left out of the boys' gathering!

Zanell's son, Pieter was visiting from South Africa.

A little computer session the morning after with Jean-Marie, Ramin's sister, Marjan, Leila, Natasha and Cedric.  Of course Joe is on our laptop in the background.

Cassie, Jules and Grace Perry get in on the computer action.

Annapolis, Maryland - November/December, 2006

Lunch in Pusser's with the Rezvanis, Zanell and the Cunards.

Christy and Alison on Rhodekill, with our old TSI office in the background.

We had some phenomenal weather during our visit to Annapolis so we took advantage of the Cunard's boat to tour our old stomping grounds.

Gran and Gramps helped out with school while they were out in Annapolis for a visit.

Joe with Jeremy Wiley, Mike and Joseph Keegan.  Some of our very first friends on Capitol Hill.......

Jeremy, Maggie, Joe, Christy, Michele and Mike.

The girls!

Joseph, Quin, Erin, Emma, Cassie and Juliana - the kids!

Cody and Dana were down from New Hampshire so we got to see them too.  Somehow I didn't get a picture of Dana, who is pregnant with number three due mid-January, but here is Adam and Cody.

Alison with her mom, Betsy. 

Ron and Bonnie Steele.

Francois with baby Francesca.

Miss Lisa being the perfect mother - can you believe she has four kids?

Derelicts, every one of them......Cody, Ramin, Zanell, Craig and Brian.

Another spectacular sunset at Camp Cunard.

New Mexico, December 15 - 28, 2006

The cousins: Cassie, Piper, Juliana and Maggie.

We went out into the Pecos mountains just after a light snowfall to pick out and cut down our Christmas tree - a wonderful Boyle tradition.

Mike and Sue Boyle.

Joe, reveling in the red and green chili at his favorite restaurant in the world - Tomasitas, in Santa Fe.

We got about a foot of snow the week before Christmas and the girls just loved it!

Joe had the honors of putting the star on top of the Christmas tree.

The tree trimming party at Mike and Sue Boyle's house in Santa Fe.

Joe and his mom, Vivian Boyle.

I was elected to decorate the higher branches on the tree.

Duncan and Aidan MacDonald, Susan's brother's kids, who were also in Santa Fe for the holidays.  A wonderful reunion.

Susan Boyle, Aidan and his mom, Jennifer MacDonald.

Aunt Juliana shows off her green chili, bacon, potato, egg and cheese breakfast burritos at Tia Sophia's - AWESOME!

Aunt Juliana and Uncle Mike at the skating rink - the girls' new favorite past time.

Aidan turned 18 a few days before Christmas.  We had a great chili lunch to celebrate.

Mike and Sue's neighbors, Don and Leah, were sooooo generous in letting us use their house over the holidays while they were away.  It made the whole vacation so much more comfortable and less taxing for everyone, especially Mike and Sue.  The view and accommodations were amazing.

Susan sports a ferrolito on her head.......

In New Mexico, you decorate the drive on Christmas Eve with ferrolitos, candles placed in sand inside a brown paper bag.  We went walking along Canyon Road later that evening to see all the beautiful lights on the ritziest street in downtown Santa Fe.

Cassie holds up one of the Boyle's Christmas ornaments - made by Piper Boyle when she was nine years old.  A little resemblance or what?

Michael Boyle, Michael Williams, and Joe Boyle.

Michael, Juliana and Joe Boyle.

Cassie and Maggie.

The girls tearing through their stockings on Christmas morning.

Nana and Auntie Susan get a little Christmas love.

Susan sporting all her new ski equipment.

The ladies all got matching pajamas to commemorate the Santa Fe Christmas of 2006. 

Mike and Debbie Doyle hosted the whole crowd for tamales and posole on Christmas Eve.  Thanks you guys!

Peter MacDonald carves the Christmas tenderloin.

Maggie, home from University of San Francisco for the holidays, enjoys a little Christmas hug from her mama.

Joe with Peter MacDonald.  We saw Jenn and Peter, Duncan and Aidan in Maine the summer of 2005.

Back in Annapolis, December 28 - 31, 2006

Bowling at Severna Park Lanes with the Dunoyers.

We each got to enjoy a few cuddles with baby Francesca.  She'll be a whole lot different when we next see her in Croatia in August 2007.

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